What is Fear?



From my own experience a lot of fear comes from not being confident and not knowing how to deal with certain situations. In other words a lack of knowledge and understanding. Once we have these two attributes our confidence increases and our fear diminishes and this leads to success.

Let's apply that to Driving:-

There is a fear of the unknown at first, never driven maybe, unsure what the controls do, how do I stop it? Once these are understood and conquered there is maybe a fear of other road users, junctions, roundabouts etc.

These fears can be overcome with good training, a good understanding of methods, sound technique and practice .So step by step these fears dissipate and we are left with an extremely confident and capable driver.




Driving is all about controlling your car at the appropriate speed to enable you to assess and anticipate different situations which will then determine the way that you drive in order to reach your destination safely.