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Here's what previous students think about Gold Driving...


I joined Russ as soon as i turned 17 and the whole process has been so enjoyable. I looked forward to every lesson that i had and always saw progress after each session .He was always so helpful with any questions that i had , whether it be during our lessons or questions that came up from my own driving in my car . I loved that Russ taught me to drive in various situations , like country driving , outside of what would arise on my test , making me a better driver after passing .

I would recommend Russ to anyone looking for an instructor who is patient and reliable !

Thank You Russ !!

Emily Sammut 07 /03 / 2022 .


An Excellent FIRST TIME PASS wih only 4 Driving Faults

 You were a joy to teach and get to test standard .

A Fully Deserved result .  Stay Safe out there .

I can absolutely recommend Russ , who is a brilliant teacher and has taken me right through from starting driving to passing my test . He has gone through the whole process with me using excellent teaching methods and has always made time for anything i particularly wanted me to focus on . The communication both during lessons and whenever i needed to contact him was always very good and i had a great time in all of my lessons .As well as equipping me with the skills that i needed to pass my test , Russ also focussed on ensuring that i am a good , safe driver on all types of road . 

Thank you very much Russ.

I Highly Recommend you to anyone wanting a fantastic driving instructor.

Matthew Bentley . 26/01/2022 .


A Brilliant FIRST TIME PASS with only 2 driving faults

Matt , it was an absolute pleasure . You were an excellent pupil and you fully deserved that result .

I joined Russ afer failing my first test , he really helped me iron out all of my bad habits and we went over all of the things that i was less confident of on my last test . He was friendly and calm during all of my lessons , however when he needed to be firm , he did so in a fair manner , helping me understand my mistakes  . Russ also suggested things i could be doing at home after lessons which helped me a lot in the lead up to my test .

I couldn't have done it without him .

Dan W 


A Very Well Deserved FIRST TIME PASS (with me ) with only 3 Driving Faults

Great to get you to Test Standard ( Nail Biting though ha ha )

I thoroughly enjoyed our lessons . Good Luck on the road 

The whole process from start to finish with Russ was easier than i could ever have imagined . Trying to find an instructor post covid was hard ... but Russ was easy to communicate with , honest and super fast at responding . Having had a motorbike licence for many years , i knew that i didn't need many lessons - more to brush up on bad habits , so Russ suggested an assessment lesson to see what was needed moving forward . That really helped me see where i needed to practice more outside of our lessons and there wasn't any pressure to book more lessons with him at all . I decided to continue with Russ as i felt very at ease with him and didn't feel pressurised in the slightest .

We had a few lessons and carried out mock tests which really helped me before my test .  

Russ is very clear with directions , guidance and tips and i felt at ease even when he was calling me out for my silly mistakes . I can honestly say that this helped me pass my test and being able to have a laugh whilst learning made it much more enjoyable .

I am so pleased that i managed to get lessons with Russ and i honestly wouldn't have any hesitation in recommending him to anyone.  I had a rough day on our lesson on the day before my test because of nerves and Russ helped me through it . He had a chat with me and it made me so confident , it helped me to pass at my first attempt ! 

Thank you Russ , i couldn't have done it without you !

 I owe you a pint !

John Trew


A Superb FIRST TIME PASS with only 2 Driving Faults on on 21/10/2021 .

Very Well Deserved .

I thoroughly enjoyed our lessons together . We did have some amusing moments didn't we ?  

Stay safe out there .


Lessons with Gold - Driving has been a pleasant experience in the process of getting my Driving Licence . Russ is a very patient and friendly tutor who is passionate about driving . Thanks to our lessons i have passed the driving test with NO faults .

Great communiction and always on time . I would Highly Recommend to any new learners as well as people who want to improve their driving skills .

Marcin S.


Passed 7th October 2021 with ZERO faults .

A brilliant drive to achieve this result .

So pleased for you , Very Well Deserved . 


Russ has been a great instructor during a difficult time , due to Covid .

I started in March 2021 with weekly lessons. He guided me through everything i needed in order to pass , taking me on all of the test routes and also helping me build my confidence as a driver . He was very flexible with times and dates and we managed to work around my busy timetable , even offering extra lessons on his holiday . He has a great car to learn in and is very friendly .

What more can i say , I passed FIRST TIME !

Thank You Russ

Emilia Fryman

Passed FIRST TIME on 27th September 2021 with only 4 driving faults .

A well deserved pass . It was a pleasure to get you to Test Standard.

( Test taken in her own car hence no photograph )


Where do i start ? I remember when our first driving lesson was and i remember you telling me i need to practice more but also that i wasn't ready for my test in January . Covid moved my test to June and both you and i thought that was a good idea due to the fact that i needed to learn new things . i tried very hard to listen and take in the information you was giving me but also if i didn't understand what you was saying , you would try to explain it in a different way . One of the things that i liked was , you would ask what i wanted to do that day and also something new as well . I loved the lessons as it made me a better driver , thank you for teaching me . I am so happy i passed first time and most of that is down to you , thank you .

Melissa Coyne

Passed FIRST TIME on June 22nd with only 3 driving faults . 

An excellent result down to your hard work and practice .

 ( Test taken in her own car hence no photograph )


I was a very nervous driver who started out with little confidence .I would panic even thinking about driving , but slowly Russ helped me build my confidence up to the point where driving is actually fun . i never felt rushed ino anything , i always felt completely safe and everything Russ taught me was really high quality . I think it would be difficult to describe a more passionate , friendly and capable instuctor than Russ . Also , my dog is a big fan and he's a great judge of character !!

I appreciate all of the amazing lessons and thanks for everything .

10/10 Would Recommend .

Adam Seabury 15/10/2021


It was a real pleasure to see you gain confidence and achieve a well deserved FIRST TIME PASS  with only 4 driving faults on 15/06/2021

Where do i begin?

Russ is absolutely an amazing driving instructor .From the first lesson , Russ has given thoughtful and useful feedback , along with good lesson plans to set you up with the proper understanding of the car . By Russ giving this clear communication it allowed me to progress to become more confident when driving . Russ is a patient instructor { especially as i couldn't parallel park for the life of me } but he found a solution to help me achieve this manoeuvre . Russ also has lessons which include countryside driving and a trip to Portsmouth to get you used to all road type, not just the test routes , which i found particularly helpful . Russ has identified all the useful driving tips and tricks to help you not only to succeed in passing your test but the know how when you are on your own . He also has a wicked sense of humour which made lessons really relaxed .

I would 100% recommend Russ to any pupil who is looking for a reliable , kind and encouraging instructor . 

Thank you Russ , forever will i be thankful that you helped me pass my test . 

Ella Stevens


It was my absolute pleasure  . You were a brilliant pupil and a  joy to teach .

A SUPERB FIRST TIME PASS with only 4 Driver Faults .



Russ is an outstanding Driving Instructor . From my first lesson , Russ' relaxed manner and clear communiction helped me to develop into a confident driver . Russ' lessons were so understanding and he took them at a pace which was suitable for me . I would recommend Russ to anyone looking for a Driving Instructor as he made the process easy and clear . I can't thank him enough for his guidance and support that he provided. It is fantastic  !

Thank you Russ , for your faith and perseverance .

Sophie North


A brilliant FIRST  TIME PASS on 03/06/2021 with only 5 minor faults           

Well deserved after her test was cancelled twice previously due to lockdowns


Russ is a fantastic driving instructor , he provides high quality lessons which are both fun and useful . He's helped me to be confident in my ability to drive and i'm so grateful for that ! 



A Fantastic FIRST TIME Pass on 3/11/20 with only 2 Driving Faults 


From my very first lesson I knew that Russ was the right instructor for me . His teaching style ( calm , direct and very informative ) complemented the way that i learn perfectly . After each session , i was sure to have learnt another valuable lesson and i would become a better driver each time we met . Russ is an excellent driving instructor and will make sure that you pass with flying colours .

Once again , thank you for all of our lessons , it has been great .




Passed 13/10/2020 with only 1 driving fault - BRILLIANT

Quote from his examiner " Thank You , that was an AMAZING drive "


Having trialled a few instructors , i settled on Russ as he was both understanding of my peculiar driving history and focussed on what we needed to improve rather than insistent on starting over. He is also very personable - something that makes all the difference when you have to spend many hours in a car together .



Passed 24/08/2020 with only 6 faults

A Great First Time Pass 



Russ is nothing less than an excellent instructor . From the first to the last lesson he was patient and always had a solution to my problems while on the road . He helped me to slow down my driving and was always clear on everything he wanted me to do . Lessons with Russ never really felt like lessons , but more of a step closer to passing my test . Thanks to Russ i passed first attempt in no time at all . I would recommend Russ to anyone looking for a Driving Instructor as i genuinely don't think he could have made the process any easier .

CONNOR 3/3/2020




Learning to drive was always a daunting and sometimes terrifying prospect for me . Having made the decision to tackle it , i couldn't be happier that i chose Russ to guide me through the process and show me that driving isn't as stressful as i had feared it would be . Russ puts you at ease in the car and never rushes you through things , allowing you to become comfortable with situations at your own pace . On the numerous occasions that i struggled ( parallel park ! ) he would stay patient and use encouragement and patience to guide me through . His lessons are varied and enjoyable , allowing you to prepare for every type of road and situation you might come across while driving . Plus he is always keen to discuss the weekend's football results and his knowledge of rock  music can't be matched by anyone !

I am absolutely thrilled to pass my test with only 4 faults , and i can't thank Russ enough for the help and support he has provided . I would recommend him to anyone who was thinking of learning , especially those who are nervous about getting behind the wheel .

Tnanks Russ, it's been a privelege to learn with you . 

ROB     4 / 3 / 2020

A Well deserved pass with only 4 driver faults

I would definitely recommend Russ to any new driver . I learn't with him for around a year , in this year i had to take lots of time off driving because of injury and Russ was very understanding of this . Because of the time off ,  we had to go over things that we had perfected before and i had forgotten about but Russ was happy to work on different areas that i was struggling with until the point where i was happy and confident . At the start of every lesson he would discuss what i wanted to do and change his lesson plan to fit in the areas i wanted to practice . He did not shout at me or get angry at any stage whilst learning , even when i made the same mistakes multiple times . He was easy to talk to and have a laugh with , which made learning to drive with him an enjoyable experience . 

Because of Russ's help and teaching i managed to pass my driving test second time with 0 faults . I will always remember the things that Russ taught me .

Thank you so much Russ  


A Brilliant Pass with ZERO Driver faults


I learn't to drive with Russ for a year and i honestly don't know where to start . I was not a natural driver and i'm pretty sure that i could've tested the patience of a Saint but Russ's patience knew no bounds . He is honestly  one of the best driving instructors around and i'm so glad that i made the step to call him when i was looking for an instructor . From the start he was really positive , really knowledgeable and really, really patient .Not only did he spend countless hours teaching me the controls i couldn't get , he then spent countless hours om my steering . Then only God knows how many hours on roundabouts . 

He never told  me off , never shouted and never ever let me give up even though there were times when both of us doubted my ability to ever get on the road . When my family was scared to take me out , Russ was positive and ready to go and ready to teach . I've always had problems with confidence and there many times when i wanted to quit but Russ didn't give up on me and today i passed my test with 2 minors ! That is an accolade to Russ's teaching . I would never have managed to drive without him and I honestly will miss our lessons now i'm on the road alone . 

Thank you Russ for never giving up and believing in my driving ability even when i didn't believe in myself !  

Jade 17/02/2020


A Superb Drive with only 2 faults

Well Deserved Pass after a lot of Endeavor


Absolutely fantastic driving instructor . Russ helped my son with his anxieties and supported him the whole way through , even sitting in the car during the test which gave him extra confidence and support . My son enjoyed every minute of his driving experience with Russ and said that he was an easy going and fun instructor . I don't think my son would ever have passed his test if it wasn't for the support and encouragement of Russ.            

Highly Recommended

Michelle Mears


An Excellent Pass with only 2 faults . Well Deserved .



Russ was recommended to me by a friend of mine who took lessons with him . He is an amazing instructor and there never was a dull moment when learning with him. When it came to taking my test , i felt that i was fully prepared and passed first time .I would recommend him to anyone i can . Thank you for being more than an instructor and being a good laugh .

Thank You Russ for making the experience an absolute blast . 




Passed 5/2/2020

Russ was my second driving instructor but by far the best, very easy to get along with and a very good instructor. Would highly recommend Russ to anyone with any experience of driving, got me a pass on my test with 0 faults.

Thank you again.



 "Could not recommend Russ enough, such a great driving instructor which prepares you so that you’re 100% confident for your test. I enjoyed every lesson Russ will make you feel comfortable and confident and is always down for a laugh! I was never pushed into certain situations I wouldn’t be comfortable with and he always explained things very well, I felt very confident for my test and I’m glad that I chose Russ in the end. Thank you for being a great instructor + friend :-)"

Christiane C - 13 January 2020

A well deserved first time pass with only 4 minors

 "Many thanks to Russ. He taught me how to drive a car and how to deal with “bloody” roundabouts. I enjoyed every lesson with Russ, he is really easy to talk to, has a good sense of humour, he is very patient and a good instructor. Also good at explaining things and I felt fully prepared and confident for my test."

Gabi J - 3 December 2019

Congratulations. Your persistence paid off...:-)

 "I would definitely recommend Russ as a driving instructor. I was able to go at a pace that pushed me whilst not being put in situations were things felt out of control. He taught me everything that could come up in the test, and also prepared me for driving after I passed my test in the ‘real world’. Russ is a nice guy who you can have a laugh with, which means you are relaxed during lessons. Louis."

Louis B - 26 November 2019

Great pass - Only 6 faults...

 "I could not recomend Russ enough! He is calm, patient and explains everything clearly. As a nervous driver, Russ was recomend to me by one of his past students, and I quickly saw why! He is very easy to get along with and able to have a laugh. Russ prepares his students for "the real world", not just the test, which meant I felt fully prepared to drive as soon as I passed. Thank you for everything Russ!

Hope this helps, and again thank you mate, all the best"

Alice G - 17 October 2019

Congratulations for a lovely first time pass with only 5 minors!

 "Russ has been a great instructor since the very start. 

He made sure that each lesson addressed any weaknesses that he identified, and only moved on to the next step when these were dealt with. He helped me to overcome my fear of speed and become more confident as a driver. He not only prepared me for my test but also for situations I may face in the future. 

I would really recommend Russ as he covers all aspects of driving to an excellent level, and he’s really friendly and relaxed too!"

Jodie B - 14 August 2019

With a new car to drive, and awful weather, proved you could drive in any situation.

 "Russ is the best driving instructor you could ever have and I would highly recommended to anyone.

He explains what you need to do and how to do it. Such a chill guy and easy to get on and have a laugh with. He helped me with all the problems I had with driving and built up my confidence. Thank you for everything Russ, Billy"

Billy C - 18 June 2019

Passed today 4 minors. 2nd attempt

 "Russ was the first driving instructor that I had been recommended and a few people had said about how good he is. From my first lesson Russ was so helpful and he explained everything in detail to make sure I understood. I am really happy that I chose Russ to do my driving with as he is friendly and brilliant and his job. He made me feel confident on the road and made sure that I understood and had perfected everything before I moved on to something new. I would 100% recommend Russ to anyone as he is such a good driving instructor and has built my confidence up so much that now driving is just natural. Russ also made the whole experience fun and not too serious which helped me loads and when I made a mistake he never doubted me."

Jenty S - 13 June 2019

Congratulations on a first time pass with 3 minors...

 "I came to Russ having failed twice already and moved into a new area for university. Russ is a great instructor, who quickly identified my bad habits and mistakes that my previous instructor failed to notice and made me improve them. He built up my confidence and very quickly I felt a lot more comfortable driving and eventually passed. Key point is that with Russ you get your money’s worth, not a single minute of my lessons was wasted, and he gave me his full attention. Can’t recommend Russ enough, its been a pleasure." Regards, Dan

Dan - 21 May 2019

It's been a memorable journey - enjoy your freedom!

 "If you could have a side by side comparison of how I drove on day one compared to when I took my test it would be laughable. I was a complete nervous wreck and absolutely terrified of roundabouts. Russel is a patient teacher and will adapt to your way of learning. He will actively push you to reach out to try new things whilst building your confidence along the way. Russel hasn't been doing this for decades but I prefer that as he still has love for his job and the people he teaches. Passed first time! - See you around. Kate."

Katy W - 14 May 2019

Another first time pass with just one driver fault - congratulations!

 "My driving instructor was amazing, I would recommend him to anyone, great skill and patients, easy to get on with. Helped me pass quickly and sensibly. Helped to solve any problems I had with driving. He really knows how to teach and helped me build my confidence. Thanks to him I passed first time."

Alex M - 14 March 2019

Congratulations on a first time pass with only 6 minors!

 "I haven't driven over 20 years and was new to the area, so it was daunting to find a driving instructor. I am so glad that I found Russ. He articulates what I should work on each time and set the next step clearly. So easy to follow as he is giving a crystal clear guide step by step. Most importantly he has got great sense of humour and I can talk freely and never hesitate to ask him any questions. He must be very patient as I spent nearly 30 hours only on roundabouts!!! He is also super punctual and very organised with scheduling which is very important. Strongly recommend to anyone. It has been a great journey, I truly enjoyed your lessons!"

J Yoshida - 10 January 2019

Persistence paid off with a second time pass...

 "I had already quit driving twice before I found Russ. He is calm and patient at all times, explains everything very clearly and has a great sense of humour. He gives constructive criticism as well as encouragement which gave me the confidence I needed to pass. I highly recommend Russ to anyone"

Samantha A - 13th December 2018

Passed first time with 7 minors...

 "I contacted Russ in February looking for a driving instructor, I’d been promising myself that I’d learn to drive for ages but kept finding excuse after excuse not to go for it as I’d previously had lessons as a teenager which hadn’t gone well and lowered my confidence. I found Russ on Yell and noticed that all of the reviews were great and that he really cares about his pupils.  

Right from the offset, Russ identified where the main issues were and how to combat them. He encouraged me every step of the way, never getting cross or irritated when I did something wrong or curbed the car (as my previous instructor had done) or asked to do yet another lesson on roundabouts (my biggest bugbear).    

Russ was flexible in the hours that he taught me and where we met for lessons which could be anywhere between Littlehampton, Chichester and Bognor helped me to learn around working full time and moving.

I’m delighted to say that I passed this week. A massive thanks to Russ for all his support and patience in his instructing."

Rebekah G - 11 December 2018

Passed 2nd time with 7 minors...

 "After losing confidence when learning to drive 10 years ago (and running out of money!) my sister found Russ for me.

Russ has been an amazing instructor who is very approachable, he put me at ease and I felt safe and comfortable driving again. Russ was very patient with me as it took a while to break my bad habits and dated way of driving I had learnt before. 

I was able to take learning at my own pace to make sure I had really got it and Russ was amazing at assessing exactly what problems I was having and telling me how to fix them. I really enjoyed learning to drive and Russ was happy to explain any questions and support me in anything I was unsure on, happily returning to different aspects of driving I was unsure on (manoeuvres and tread depth for me)! 

Russ had high expectations of me which boosted my confidence and made me an excellent driver in the end. I passed my test with no faults at all which we are both so proud of. I would happily recommend him as an instructor to anyone."

Karen W - 28 November 2018

Passed 2nd time with no faults. A perfect drive. :-)

 "Russ has been the best teacher, teaches you everything at your own pace and definitely helped my overcome my nerves at the start! Also has the best techniques to getting rid of bad habits etc. Had a really good experience learning with him and a great laugh!"

Josh K - 19 November 2018 

Congratulations Josh...enjoy your freedom!

 "I have just recently passed my driving test with gold driving and i couldn't recommend russell enough. I started having lessons once i graduated from uni and we were able to get through things pretty quickly. If you're wanting to have lessons with someone you can have a laugh with who is patient and teaches you in a way that you understand then russell is definitely  the one to go to. He makes you feel very comfortable and safe whilst driving which is very important whilst having lessons."

Lauren H - 21 November 2018

How good are you?! Another first time pass - 8 minors...

"Russ really helped me with my driving, he not only helped me be comfortable with driving, he also took his time and didn’t rush me to get things right and was very patient. He also told me things to work on after every lesson and after we got them right he would move on which helped with my confidence with driving as he wouldn’t give up until things were perfect, he wasn’t just a driving instructor he was a friend as he made things enjoyable and was very easy to talk too."

Zac W - 25 October 2018 

A wonderful first time pass with 2 minors...Well done Zac!!

 "Russ was the second driving instructor I approached, as I stopped learning back when I was 17. He corrected bad habits that I had picked up and was very patient when I continually forgot to check my mirrors (oops)! He was professional, prompt and kind in every lesson and I ended up recommending him to my sister, who is hopefully also going to take her test soon.

Unlike I have heard with many, Russ was never patronising and I learnt something new every lesson – he was always open to what I wanted to cover in the lesson and great at assessing my strengths and weaknesses, adapting to my needs.

If you’re after a friendly driving instructor that makes learning an enjoyable experience (I didn’t even want to drive!), then I would 100% recommend him. Russ, it’s been a blast… see you on the roads! 

Thanks so much Russ :)"

Tamsin B - 10 October 2018

Really pleased for driving!

 "I really enjoyed my time learning to drive with Russ! Every time I got out of the car after a lesson I felt that I had made progress and become a more competent, confident and safer driver. Lessons are tailored to support your needs and when you are struggling with something he is always patient and calm, giving you confidence in your own ability. Overall, I couldn’t recommend Russ enough and I feel privileged to have had him teach me the ropes. Cheers, Will"

Will P - 6 September 2018

Congratulations on a first time pass - 4 driver faults!

"Russ quickly and capably fixed a number of serious issues with my driving due to several bad instructors, allowing me to finally pass and giving me lots of confidence. Thanks very much, E"

 A camera shy "E" - 5 September 2018 

 "I learnt to drive over a period of a 9 months with Russ. He taught me everything I need to know to not just pass my test, but to have the experience to drive safely independently. 

Although the first couple lessons were somewhat slow just getting used the functionality of the car, such as clutch control, and how it works. I respect his method as it aided in quick progression when I started to drive on larger and more complex routes. 

As a result of this, I was then more confident when it came to reading road signs and keeping observations in tact as I had already learnt how the car works. 

Furthermore, my driving improved at a greater pace and was then able to pass my test with 3 minors. 

However it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Learning to drive can become frustrating when things don’t go the way you want them to. THis lead to many times where my frustration got the better of me. Although Russ dealt with this well as we had a laugh and then got back to business to discuss the errors and to to improve on them."

Ross Mander - 3 July 2018

Well done for sticking at it!

"During my time with Russ I had such a fantastic learning experience. He was always extremely calm and always found ways to help me understand better ways of controlling the car.

I cannot thank him enough for all the support he gave and how flexible he was with the hours of the lessons."

Michael Howell - 26 June 2018

First time pass, 3 minors, congratulations!

"Throughout my learning experience, the one thing that I noticed with Russ was his friendly attitude. Whether I was stalling in the middle of the road, or not looking as I pulled out at a roundabout, he would never shout or make me feel stupid for doing so! This created a brilliant learning environment during each lesson. I wasn’t able to pass my test the first time and Russ was incredibly supportive, offering to do extra lesson and being available even on his days off for my test. I really couldn’t recommend Russ highly enough! He turned what could have otherwise been a scary and boring process, into something in which I felt confident and I enjoyed every lesson! Absolutely brilliant instructor!"

George - 1 June 2018

Congratulations on passing with 4 minor faults.

 "I could not recommend Russ highly enough. I was an extremely anxious and nervous learner with almost zero experience. Russ was extremely professional with a breadth of knowledge across many different aspects of driving. His calm, collected and patient personality immediately puts you at ease and installs a sense of confidence in your own ability to be able to achieve anything if you put your mind to it. He clearly and concisely explains each and every aspect of the driving experience as well as how the car works so you fully understand what affects the car and why. He teaches you from the outset, the importance of clutch control and how to be a safe and successful driver. Alongside being a fantastic teacher, he is a very likeable and friendly person naturally, so each lesson you are met with interesting conversation which allows you to build a bond with him. I did not think I would ever pass my test, especially being extremely anxious. However, my test rolled around and with Russ’s support, I passed first time. I appreciate all the hard work he put into getting me to achieve my goals. Keep doing what you’re doing, Russ, all the best". 

Rebecca Turner - 6 April 2018

Congratulations on passing first time with 6 minors!

 'When I first started driving with Russ I was an unconfident driver who dreaded my weekly lessons. Russ quickly snapped that out of me and I have thoroughly enjoyed every single lesson with him since then. He picks up on the details, makes you feel confident, is enthusiastic and professional, and makes you feel relaxed. I would highly recommend Russ to anyone looking to start driving and I will miss our Sunday morning lessons - but I've made a good friend in the process. Thank you Russ!'

Ellen Williams - 12 February 2018

 "Russ was an amazing instructor, not only teaching how to pass the test with the basics of driving and safety precautions but also with realistic driving situations and how to react appropriately, as well as this he also keeps very organised and plans lessons ahead so you're never missing out. Not only that but Russ is also very easy to chat with and get along with and in a short time became a friend rather than instructor. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for an instructor." 

Jordan Batten - 25 January 2018

Jordan passed first time...congratulations!

 "Russ is an incredible instructor, he is supportive calm and patient.He has helped me build confidence in myself with my driveing skills and i was able to past . I can not recommend him more . Thank you all your help"

Andrea Birtalan - 10 January 2018 

 " Learning with Russ have been a really great driving experience, everything goes at your own pace so you never feel rushed. You leave each lesson with a sense of achievement for what you have learned and clear view of what you need to work on next time. Not only does he teach you how to pass your test but he actually teaches you how to drive!" 

Joseph Greenaway - 8 January 2018

"I had about 5 month worth of lessons with Russ. He knows what he’s talking about , made me feel relax and at ease. The entire learning process was very enjoyable. Passed my test with 3 minors, which was better than I thought I could do. Thanks for everything Russ, it has been a pleasure learning from you.

Merry Christmas and happy new year. Regards, Sue"

Sue - 23 December 2017

 "My experience of learning to drive with Russ was most enjoyable from the first lesson to the last. Early on when I struggled with the basics, Russ put my nerves to rest and was patient with my progress, which ultimately resulted in me passing my test first time. In times of panic, I would feel relaxed and reassured which was so vital for my learning progress. The most important aspect of my driving lessons with Russ was that they were enjoyable and we had a good laugh, the fact that I looked forward for my lessons is what persevered me to learn how to drive, and it was well worth it." 

Alfie Edworthy - 23 November 2017

First time pass, 6 minors...

 "Lessons were very well planned out and allowed me to progress perfectly. Lessons were tailored to work on my weaknesses and prepare me for my test. Highly recommended - very calm and patient but progressive instructor. Driving made FUN and easy!Thank you very much for helping me - made it very simple for me! Many thanks." 

Rory Collier - 26 August 2017

Great result, first time pass, only 3 driver faults, well done!

 "Russ was the dream driving instructor mixing both patience and a meticulous approach to driving (as well as being very friendly). I was able to pass first time my test at Chichester. Five stars! " 

Julien Brusset - 12 August 2017

Congratulations...a first time pass, with only 3 minors!

"Russ made the entire process of learning to drive enjoyable and an ease. He was able to make every lesson a laugh, all while still teaching me. Russ's teaching helped cater to my weaknesses and I finished every lesson with clear progress having been made. In the end I passed my driving test with only two minors, which I am really pleased with. Thank you very much Russ." 

Bertie Brown - 20 July 2017

 "Russ is a fantastic instructor, the best one i've had and i've had 3!. Russ is very patient and easy to understand, he is also a good laugh to be around which makes driving lessons an enjoyable experience. When i started with him i had a lot of bad habits from riding a motorbike and he corrected all of these with ease. russ made sure i only had the amount lessons i needed so i didn't waste money and i passed first time with only 2 minors which is better than i thought i could do. thanks for everything russ, it has been a pleasure learning from you." 

Aaron Barrett - 11/7/2017

It has been a pleasure helping you achieve your goal...stay safe!

 "Russ is honestly an amazing instructor, he's always patient and you can have a laugh with him too. He became more of my friend than my instructor, I always looked forward to our lessons! I came from another instructor to Russ, he ironed out all the bad habits I had picked up in no time and made me feel so much more confident in my driving. He doesn't only just teach you how to just pass your test, he also takes you on a variety of roads and made me do challenging manoeuvres, so now I'm ready for pretty much anything! I'd recommend him to anyone.  Thank you for everything Russ, you will be missed!

Angel English - 1 June 2017

Stay safe!

"Want to say a big thank you to russ for teaching me to drive. He helped me to get rid of some bad habits from another instructor in no time, and was brilliant, very patient and a good instructor. Also good at explaining things and I felt fully prepared and confident for my test" Sam Haddaway - 20 May 2017

You're most welcome Sam!

“Russ is really friendly and puts you at ease while driving, with each lesson I felt like progress was made and my confidence on the road would build each time. Russ has a cracking sense of humour and we had many great conversations about rock/metal music, he really knows his stuff!. So If you're interested in learning to drive then look no further! You'll struggle to find a better instructor. Thank you Russ for helping me pass 1st time.” Rob, 1 April 2017

"I achieved a first time pass with Russ. He never lost confidence in me even when I did. He is an excellent instructor; he knows how to explain things well, he maintains a relaxed, fun and enjoyable atmosphere in his car which is absolutely amazing to learn in and I was always looking forward to my lessons. I would recommend him 110% to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Thank you Russ." Harrison Bradley - 17 February 2017

Russ maintains a relaxed, fun atmosphere in his car which is absolutely amazing to learn in. It was my pleasure Harrison!

"Russ really helped me develop my driving ability, before Russ i had another driving who i didn't get on with! If your in a car with someone for two hours a day you need to get on with them!

Russ was amazing, such a nice bloke! 10/10 and would highly recommend!  Passed with 1 minor. Stay safe!! - Harry. 31 January 2017

Well Done Harry. It was a pleasure to get you passed at the first attempt.  

Well Done Steve. Passed first time with Gold Driving 28/12/2016

"i learnt with Russ and it is very safe to say that i had a truly great driving lesson experience with him. absolutely great personality and a cracking sense of humor.  both him and his car are very safe and everything is done at your own pace however it needs to be done. 

learning with Russ gave me so much confidence to drive my own car and pass my test first time! i would recommend him to anyone because everyone deserves to learn in such a safe, understanding and joyful manor. absolutely 5 stars."

Caitlyn Summer, 9 December 2016

"i would recommend him to anyone because everyone deserves to learn in such a safe, understanding and joyful manor." It was my pleasure Caitlyn...stay safe!

"I passed my test first time after having around 6 months of lessons with Russ and it was such a wonderful experience. Russ is such a friendly, patient instructor who very clearly knows what he’s talking about! I was worried before I started learning to drive that I’d have an instructor who pushed me too hard and made me feel uneasy when I was driving, but luckily Russ is the complete opposite! He precisely explains everything, and makes you feel at ease as soon as you get in the car. What I also love about Russ, is that he took then time to get to know me as a person, it wasn’t just generic driving lessons; we had great conversation about our love for rock music! 

I’m so thankful that Russ built my confidence and made me believe that I could do it. I would highly recommend Russ to everyone who wants to learn to drive. 

Thank you so much everything :)" Sammy Rushworth - 26 November 2016

"I passed my test first time after having around 6 months of lessons with Russ and it was such a wonderful experience. Russ is such a friendly, patient instructor who very clearly knows what he’s talking about!" It was a pleasure to help you achieve your goal!

"I had approx 6/7 months of lessons with Russell and passed first time. It was a great experience; and I got on great with Russell who was very flexible with times and dates that best suited me. I learned very quickly and felt at ease and very comfortable during every lesson and to be honest, I miss them!!

Would definitely recommend to everyone!!" Alyse Emily Atkin

"I Iearned very quickly with Russell..." It was a pleasure to have taught you!

"My previous driving instructor after 5 months of training claimed that I'm dangerous driver and there is no chance for me to get driving licence till the date I was planned. I was upset, but to be 100% sure that I'm such a rubbish I needed one more opinion from another driving instructor before giving up. That's how I met Russ. Oh my- I really should find him earlier!!! Very calm, patient, precise, conscientious, explaining everything very clearly, very friendly... After our 1st driving lesson he was able to tell me when to book practical driving test and how many driving lessons per week I need... Amazing... So I got my driving licence one month earlier than I was planned and with 1st try!!! He build back my confidence.Highly recommend him to everyone who are planning to rule the steering wheel... Keep going like that Russ! :)" Sanita Leimane

Thank you for your very kind words!


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